We have had enough about LOVE, Let's talk about LIFE.

When we talk about love, we always describe it as sweet, fantastic, happy ... While when we refer to life, stuff always comes with hard, tough, miserable ... In Leon, Mathilda asks Leon:"Is life always this hard, or it is only when you are a child?" Leon thinks for a while, then answers "Always this hard." And, we all take it as true.

So, we spend a lot of time to seek a sanctuary for us escaping from the miserable life. Some fantasy on love, is the most common sanctuary. A lot of friends talk to me like this :"I need a relationship , or the boring life will kill me ... bla bla bla" When I turn on TV, I always find the same stories : no matter what age the character is in , he or she run into a passion of love, go through with a lot of dreamy things. That makes me feel even more pity. Then I almost take it as true, although struggling a lot : "We are born to suffer from life", when I met this movie : Julie and Julia.

I didn't expect much from this movie for I even didn't know it before I went to the cinema. Overworked quite a lot, I just want a comedy to turn me into a good mood ---- I had watched the same type of movies in the last few months, The Proposal, The Ugly Truth, etc... That's why I chose this woman topic movie among a batch of horror movies, and besides, there's Meryl Streep in the movie , I'd admit this is the only reason I bought the ticket.

I found it not long after the movie started: It is a similar movie to The Hours, less serious, smaller topic but more comedy. Two women, who are in similar situation, similar mood, lead a similar life. Though they are not living at the same ages, they even get communicated and understood from each other (maybe not each other, but at least one from another). The story is simple: Cooking changes the lives of the both two women.

The interesting thing for me is, how and why did it change the lives? When I was watching the movie, I was not eager to write down the answer in some kind of theory. I tried to feel what they are feeling , what they are going through, what they are "suffering". No big deal happens in the movies, but a strange magnificent feeling of happiness crashed into me. That's what life looks like, not only the sweet scene on the birthday party, but also frustrating experience, fighting with who you love, bitter things you can never tell others. I am always thinking: How can we lead a life without these negative things? I am keeping thinking about this that sometimes I am confused: Does the depressing stuff make the happy ones more shiny, or, we sometimes mentally thirst for the "bad feeling" itself and we enjoy it. I am coming to know why there're ascetic monks. The man with the most property may not lead the happiest life for they have no chance to suffer from life. We make our life a treasure only when we get the both side of coins, even stupid Korean TV series know this, though they make it in a silly way ---- turn one of the lovers to death by some disease.

That is why, love is always some parallel dots over the life, it can never replace the life. Life itself, is the most beautiful thing ever, not only the love. We are pacing to our 30s, we need to take the last time to dance with passion, we also need to learn to taste the life. There's a survey on kaixin001.net, of which the participants are mostly at the age of 20s. The title is "Women at what age do you think are the most fascinating?" I voted at 16-20 (Don't beat me, you know me), but the one get the most votes is "30-40". I think it is reasonable because at this age, women can know not only love but also life. I'll talk it more when I give remarks on the actress later.

OK, enough labouring on the simple philosophy of life and love. Let's move on to the actress. I have told you that I came into the cinema to watch it only because one name "Meryl Streep". But I get more than I thought: the film itself, the director, and, AMY ADAMS.

Let still begin with Meryl. When we refer to Meryl, words always begin like this:"What else can I say about her? She is a legend!" I totally agree with this, but it is too inane. "She is widely regarded as one of the most talented and respected movie actors of the modern era."----quoted on the wikipedia. It is the same inane. For me, she is great because of two reasons. First is she can act anyone and make character real. Some of the greatest actors can not do this. Like Al Pacino, he is talented, too. But his acting is labled. For Meryl, From Kramer vs Kramer to Sophie's Choice, to The Hours, The devil wears Prada, MaMa Mia, Doubt, and this Julie and Julia, can you find a little common ground among the characters in these film? May there is, but these characters is so different that sometimes you feel shocked when you find they are acted by one actress. And, that is Meryl. But the situation of Meryl is subtle: every time she did a great performance, people take it as customs : She IS Meryl. So she get 15 nominations of the academy and only get two in her early age. She was nominated again last year but was beaten by Kate. Do not blame Kate, she is quite OK. What I mean is , Meryl, she can rest like Robert or Al Pacino, for there's no honor she still needs to chasing after. But she is still acting, isn't it amazing? That is the gift for us. Second thing of Meryl is, that she can act in a way of low profile but still touch your heart, which few actors can reach the state. She don't need to perform exaggeratedly to make the audience think she has skills. She can make you forget she is acting someone, get an illusion that you are facing the real person. At least, in her film, she really did it. And I have to say, when Meryl is getting older, she is more likely to show she has the talent to make some exaggerated performance. Take Julia Child in this movie for an example, she designs a French style English accent for the character which gets a lot applause. She shows the positive attitude to life of Julia Child and turn her into an adorable fat woman. Maybe the real Julia Child in the history is exactly like this, but for me, I feel a little uneasy for the character herself. Anyway, it is a comedy, so it is not a big deal. Edited: I call back what I said on Meryl's Julia, after I have watched the real Julia TV show, Meryl did a phenomenal job!

Guess what? If someone acts against Meryl, she need to take tons of courage. If she can get noticed in a positive way, or even be mentioned at the level of Meryl in some way, she will definitely become a leading star. Anne Hathaway failed, but this Amy Adams made it. I was keeping asking myself, why I knew nothing about this actress before and she is 36 now. Can you believe this? The Julie Powell's performer is 36 years old! And further more, she has been highly spoken of in her last film with Meryl ----Doubt. I've watched last year's Oscar Ceremony but I did not even notice her. What a shame! Let's take a look at what she did in Julie and Julia against Meryl. She was acting a 30-year-old woman in the modern era whom we are so familiar with. There were not many spaces for her to rebuild the character in her own way. She has a hard task to convince us this is the Julie who lives with us, not a fiction one. Then I met this Julie, friendly, real, like the neighbor. She is adorable with some jumpy nerve. She made me to have an idea: I need a woman like this and it would not only in a fiction, I can find her somewhere. Isn't it fantastic? Isn't it the most wonderful thing that you want to jump out of your seat, pointing at the character on the screen, shouting "I know her, I have some very same friend!" Last time I felt like to doing this was on An Equation of Love and Death which Zhou Xun was in it. I would like to repeat again: But Amy Adams is 36 years old, can you believe this? I was joking with some friend after I watched the movie:" I think the world is distorted, 91 is captured by a 36-year-old woman, not a lolita~ Holy shit!" Besides this woman has neither a beautiful face nor an attractive body. I have to admit, I will still vote 16-20, but the Oscar belongs to, the world belongs to the women in her 30s and 40s.

And, that is the age the woman start spend LIFE with you, after the great passion of LOVE.